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What is FluencyCoach by SpeechEasy?

Since 2001, SpeechEasy has been the name most recognized for providing miniature Altered Auditory Feedback (AAF) devices that produce choral speech to persons who stutter. The four models of SpeechEasy devices are worn by thousands to improve their fluency. The small size of SpeechEasy devices has helped make them discreet and effective for most users.

FluencyCoach was introduced just a couple of years ago and has provided many people the opportunity to try AAF and get a feel for the effect of choral speech for themselves. The software is similar to the software built into SpeechEasy. Because of this, many FluencyCoach users have had the opportunity to see what the effect choral speech has on their fluency through the use of their own personal computers and FluencyCoach software. FluencyCoach is a great way to sample the fluency-enhancing effects of choral speech.

In 2009, SpeechEasy merged with FluencyCoach to improve the access and visibility of this fluency technology for people who stutter. FluencyCoach has its place for many people who stutter as does SpeechEasy. Since FluencyCoach must be used through a computer it does have portability limitations but has been used for trial and practice by many. It has also been utilized by Speech Language Pathologists.

To learn more about SpeechEasy or to receive a free information packet, visit the website at www.speecheasy.com.

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