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What is FluencyCoach?

FluencyCoach is a free software application that uses Altered Auditory Feedback technology to simulate the effects of “Choral Speech” (speaking simultaneously with another person). It has been known for years that choral speech can promote fluency in a person who stutters, and in some people who suffer from Parkinson's Disease.

In recent years, the application of Altered Auditory Feedback has received a lot of attention as the technology underlying the well-known anti-stuttering device SpeechEasy.

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FluencyCoach can be used:

  • To sample the fluency-enhancing benefits of choral speech in the convenience of your own home.
  • For independent, at-home reading and practice.
  • In conjunction with a structured speech therapy program administered by your Speech Language Pathologist.

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When you're ready to take FluencyCoach's fluency-enhancing effects with you wherever you go, consider SpeechEasy, the world's smallest anti-stuttering device.


Using the same technology as FluencyCoach, SpeechEasy is a small, discreet, in-ear fluency device. Learn more about SpeechEasy at speecheasy.com.



Please be advised:

  • This software is strictly to be used for personal use, so that you can experience Altered Auditory Feedback and to help determine if you may be susceptible to the fluency-enhancing effects of choral speech.
  • Since there are many factors which affect fluency, your results may vary.
  • We strongly recommend the involvement of a Speech Language Pathologist for ANY fluency treatment program.

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